1. sonny

    Hi,Evan thanks for the info on coffee,I love coffee but I am not a coffee connoisseur as to say so I guess I should step up my game if I want to experience real good coffee.
    I am a bit embarrassed to say that I regularly drink instant coffee at home and I do not have a coffee machine but now that I have read your article I am motivated to invest in a coffee machine.
    When I go out I don’t mind the coffee at the local gas station or even MC Donald’s coffee is OK,I find it can be a bit more expensive than regular coffee.
    I looked on YouTube on K-Cups because I have not heard of the company before but I was surprised at the large variety and flavors of coffee they have.

    • admin

      It’s all good Sonny! Every coffee has it’s place. I’ve been through many phases of coffee drinking. Even a McDonalds coffee phase. I’ll even get one if I am on a road trip and have nothing else to get. But truly there is a whole world of flavor out there with so called snobby coffee shops. Goto a real nice looking one or look up reviews on some in the area. I am sure you will enjoy the experience of checking one out. The coffee may be at a slightly higher price BUT read my post on Bulletproof coffee. It is pretty interesting man. Some coffee can actually be harmful to you!

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