1. Brendon

    Great review on the Kohi Plus Pressopump! My sister is a huge Espresso fan, so this would make a great gift for her up coming birthday.
    She travels a lot for her profession, taking multiple trips per month.
    My question is, with this being portable, is it good for travel? Would she be able to take it with her through the airport security?
    Many of her trips, she only takes a carry on, so I wonder if this would be a problem, or if this unit is even good for the traveling Espresso fanatic!

    • admin

      Yeah she would have no problem, as long as there was no fluid in it during security. Its also an electronic item, not a stand alone beverage. But yeah it is completely travel friendly and fits inside of a purse or backpack nicely. Hope this helps and I am glad you liked my review Brendon!

  2. Roy

    Hi Evan and thank you for this information. I didn’t even know that you could purchase portable espresso makers.
    Will certainly take a serious look at purchasing one but need to know whether they can be purchased here in the United Kingdom? Have I read this correctly, you need to carry the machine and be sure that you have a thermos flask of hot water with you too ie if you are out and about and away from a point where you can boil a little water. But even then, it would be absolutely worth it to have one of these little machines !

    • admin

      Yes Roy, it is a big company so I am sure shipping to the UK would be ok. I know you gents have import things to worry about?? Anyway yea, you just need a hot water source wherever you end up. But if you think about it, any fast food or coffee place has hot water. So as long as you have your freshly ground beans and you can get a small amount of hot water you are good to go!

  3. Hello Evan, thanks for the review. Personally, I do not drink coffee, but my family living with me does. I have never heard of a portable coffee maker a day in my life!!! This would be a perfect gift for my peoples, they can make a cup of coffee anywhere they like. Thanks again, and continue to write wonderful blogs!

  4. Elan

    I don’t think I have ever seen portable espresso makers but your review was outstanding! Very thorough, simple and to the point. The video was an excellent guide in helping the reader understand how the machine works. Very nicely laid out with clear breakable sections. The rest of your site is very nicely presented and it is clear that it is a coffee enthusiasts site.

    • admin

      Elan, thank you so much for the kind words. I am glad you were able to visit and see something new. That is the whole point of my website. To share coffee related things with people who might not know 🙂

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